The Technology Department is responsible for:

  • Maintenance & configuration of the District's 646 computers, 487 laptops, 1454 Chromebooks, 60 iPads and 25 servers
  • Maintenance & configuration of the District's phone system and centralized voice mail including all 141 extensions and all District cell phones.
  • Maintenance & configuration of the 1300+ student and staff accounts with online backed up storage, and 222 staff email accounts.
  • Application & documentation for the E-Rate Federal Program
  • Application, implementation, & documentation of the various technology grant programs.
  • Development, coordination, & implementation of the District Long Range Technology Plan and Authorized Use Policies.
  • Application, coordination, & implementation of various technology grants.
  • Maintenance of the District Web Site and email communications systems including filtering and archiving
  • Maintenance of the District Internet usage through web filtering for CIPA compliance, and bandwidth modulation for educational program prioritization, distance learning
  • Maintenance & configuration of 40+ software packages for use on Microsoft Windows server operating systems and Microsoft Windows desktop operating systems and Chromebook management
  • Training and/or coordination of training on all District software packages for teachers & staff.

 Contact Information
HVPS Technology Services

401 Main St. / P.O. Box 790

Hatch, NM 87937
Phone:  575-267-8247
Fax:  575-267-8242


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